225.7601 Restriction.

In accordance with 10 U.S.C. 4659, do not enter into a contract with a foreign entity unless it has certified that it does not comply with the secondary Arab boycott of Israel.

225.7602 Procedures.

For contracts awarded to the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), the CCC will submit a certification from its proposed subcontractor with the other required precontractual information (see 225.870 ).

225.7603 Exceptions.

This restriction does not apply to—

(a) Purchases at or below the simplified acquisition threshold;

(b) Contracts for consumable supplies, provisions, or services for the support of United States forces or of allied forces in a foreign country; or

(c) Contracts pertaining to the use of any equipment, technology, data, or services for intelligence or classified purposes, or to the acquisition or lease thereof, in the interest of national security.

225.7604 Waivers.

The Secretary of Defense may waive this restriction on the basis of national security interests. To request a waiver, follow the procedures at PGI 225.7604 .

225.7605 Solicitation provision.

Unless an exception at 225.7603 applies or a waiver has been granted in accordance with 225.7604 , use the provision at 252.225-7031 , Secondary Arab Boycott of Israel, in all solicitations, including solicitations using FAR part 12 procedures for the acquisition of commercial products and commercial services. If the solicitation includes the provision at FAR 52.204-7, do not separately list 252.225-7031 in the solicitation.