552.211-94 Time of Delivery.

As prescribed at 511.404(a)(4), insert the following clause:

Time of Delivery (Jan 2010)

An “X” mark in the left hand block shall be considered a mandatory requirement to be fulfilled by the contractor.

The Contractor will ship contract item(s) to the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) stocking points identified in the delivery order at its discretion in order to maintain the required stock levels within the minimum and maximum requirements provided in the weekly status report.

Enter value:

Delivery is required to be made at destination within *Enter value:______* calendar days after receipt of order for deliveries to a GSA facility.

Enter value:

Orders under this contract may require direct delivery to other agencies. Orders for direct delivery must be shipped and delivered within the time specified in blocks below.

Enter value:

Shipment must be made with *Enter value:________* days after receipt of order.

Enter value:

In addition to block above the Contractor must also ensure that delivery will be made within *Enter value:__________* days after receipt of order.

(End of clause)