52.236-9 Protection of Existing Vegetation, Structures, Equipment, Utilities, and Improvements.

As prescribed in 36.509 , insert the following clause:

Protection of Existing Vegetation, Structures, Equipment, Utilities, and Improvements (Apr 1984)

      (a) The Contractor shall preserve and protect all structures, equipment, and vegetation (such as trees, shrubs, and grass) on or adjacent to the work site, which are not to be removed and which do not unreasonably interfere with the work required under this contract. The Contractor shall only remove trees when specifically authorized to do so, and shall avoid damaging vegetation that will remain in place. If any limbs or branches of trees are broken during contract performance, or by the careless operation of equipment, or by workmen, the Contractor shall trim those limbs or branches with a clean cut and paint the cut with a tree-pruning compound as directed by the Contracting Officer.

      (b) The Contractor shall protect from damage all existing improvements and utilities (1)at or near the work site, and (2)on adjacent property of a third party, the locations of which are made known to or should be known by the Contractor. The Contractor shall repair any damage to those facilities, including those that are the property of a third party, resulting from failure to comply with the requirements of this contract or failure to exercise reasonable care in performing the work. If the Contractor fails or refuses to repair the damage promptly, the Contracting Officer may have the necessary work performed and charge the cost to the Contractor.

(End of clause)