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Homeland Security Acquisition Regulationshsar

Homeland Security Acquisition Regulations

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      Subpart 3002.1 - Definitions

           3002.101 Definitions.

      Subpart 3002.2 - Abbreviations

           3002.270 Abbreviations.


Subpart 3002.1 - Definitions


3002.101 Definitions.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) means the Director of the Office of the CIO.

Chief of the Contracting Office (COCO) means the individual(s) responsible for managing the contracting office(s) within a Component.

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) means the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE).

Component means the following entities for purposes of this chapter:

(1)  DHS Management (MGMT), including the Office of Procurement Operations (OPO) and the Office of Selective Acquisitions (OSA);

(2) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA);

(3) Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC);

(4) Transportation Security Administration (TSA);

(5) U.S. Coast Guard (USCG);

(6) U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP);

(7) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); and

(8) U.S. Secret Service (USSS).

Contracting activity includes all the contracting offices within a Component and is the same as the term “procuring activity.”

Contracting officer means an individual authorized by virtue of position or by appointment to perform the functions assigned by the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation.

Head of the Agency means the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, or, by delegation, the Under Secretary of Management.

Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA) means the official who has overall responsibility for managing the contracting activity. For DHS, the HCAs are:

(1)  Director, Office of Procurement Operations (OPO);

(2) Director, Office of Selective Acquisitions (OSA);

(3) Director, Office of Acquisition Management (FEMA);

(4) Chief, Procurement Division (FLETC);

(5) Assistant Administrator for Acquisition (TSA);

(6) Director of Contracting and Procurement (USCG);

(7) Executive Director, Procurement (CBP);

(8) Director, Office of Acquisition Management (ICE); and

(9) Chief, Procurement Operations (USSS).

Legal counsel means the Department of Homeland Security Office of General Counsel or Component office providing legal services to the contracting organization.

Legal review means review by legal counsel.

Major system means, for DHS, that combination of elements that will function together to produce the capabilities required to fulfill a mission need, including hardware, equipment, software, or any combination thereof, but excluding construction or other improvements to real property. A DHS major system is one where the total lifecycle costs for the system are estimated to equal or exceed $300M (in constant 2009 dollars), or if the Deputy Secretary has designated a program or project as a major system. This corresponds to a DHS Level 1 or 2 capital investment acquisition.

Micro-purchase threshold is defined as in (FAR) 48 CFR 2.101, except when (HSAR) 48 CFR 3013.7003(a) applies.

Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) for the Department of Homeland Security means the DHS Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), who is the individual appointed pursuant to 41 U.S.C. 1702 to be responsible for management direction of the procurement system of DHS, including implementation of the unique procurement policies, regulations, and standards of DHS.

Sensitive Information, as used in this Chapter, means any information which if lost, misused, disclosed, or, without authorization, is accessed or modified, could adversely affect the national or homeland security interest, the conduct of Federal programs, or the privacy to which individuals are entitled under 5 U.S.C. 552a (the Privacy Act), but which has not been specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order or an Act of Congress to be kept secret in the interest of national defense, homeland security or foreign policy. This definition includes the following categories of information:

(1)  Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) as set out in the Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002 (Title II, Subtitle B, of the Homeland Security Act, Pub. L. 107-296, 196 Stat. 2135), as amended, the implementing regulations thereto (6 CFR part 29) as amended, the applicable PCII Procedures Manual, as amended, and any supplementary guidance officially communicated by an authorized official of the Department of Homeland Security (including the PCII Program Manager or his/her designee);

(2) Sensitive Security Information (SSI), as defined in 49 CFR part 1520, as amended, “Policies and Procedures of Safeguarding and Control of SSI,” as amended, and any supplementary guidance officially communicated by an authorized official of the Department of Homeland Security (including the Assistant Secretary for the Transportation Security Administration or his/her designee);

(3) Information designated as “For Official Use Only,” which is unclassified information of a sensitive nature and the unauthorized disclosure of which could adversely impact a person's privacy or welfare, the conduct of Federal programs, or other programs or operations essential to the national or homeland security interest; and

(4) Any information that is designated “sensitive” or subject to other controls, safeguards or protections in accordance with subsequently adopted homeland security information handling procedures.


Subpart 3002.2 - Abbreviations


3002.270 Abbreviations.

CBCA Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

CFO Chief Financial Officer

CIO Chief Information Officer

COCO Chief of the Contracting Office

COR Contracting Officer's Representative

COTR Contracting Officer's Technical Representative

CPO Chief Procurement Officer

D&F Determination and Findings

FOIA Freedom of Information Act

HCA Head of the Contracting Activity

J&A Justification and Approval for Other than Full and Open Competition

KO Contracting Officer

MD Management Directive

OCPO Office of the Chief Procurement Officer

OIG Office of the Inspector General

OSDBU Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

PCR SBA's Procurement Center Representative

RFP Request for Proposal

SBA Small Business Administration

SBS Small Business Specialist

SPE Senior Procurement Executive


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