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Department of Education Acquisition Regulationedar

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation

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Subpart 3432.4 - Advance Payments for Non-Commercial Items


3432.402 General.

The HCA is delegated the authority to make determinations under FAR 32.402(c)(1)(iii). This authority may not be redelegated.


3432.407 Interest.

The HCA is designated as the official who may authorize advance payments without interest under FAR 32.407(d).


Subpart 3432.7 - Contract Funding


3432.705 Contract clauses.


3432.705-2 Clauses for limitation of cost or funds.

(a) The contracting officer must insert the clause at 3452.232-70 (Limitation of cost or funds) in all solicitations and contracts where a Limitation of cost or Limitation of funds clause is utilized.

(b) The contracting officer must insert the provision in 3452.232-71 (Incremental funding) in a solicitation if a cost-reimbursement contract using incremental funding is contemplated.


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