Part Number: MP Part 5301.602-2(d)

Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

Mandatory Procedure

Designation, Assignment, and Responsibilities of a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)

2019 Edition

Revised: 2 May 2022

Table of Contents

MP5301.602-2(d) Designation, Assignment, and Responsibilities of a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) 1

1.0 Contracting Officer Roles and Responsibilities 1

2.0 COR Roles and Responsibilities 4

3.0 COR Supervisor 5

4.0 OGE 450 Determination and Processing 5

5.0 Quality Assurance Program Coordinator (QAPC) 6

6.0 Memorandum Templates and Contract Training Syllabus 7

The following are mandatory procedures (MP) for standardizing the Air Force (AF) contracting process regarding designation, assignment, and responsibilities of a Contracting Officer’s Representative. The assignment of a COR is not necessary when the CO retains or delegates surveillance to DCMA, or one of the categories of services exempted in AFI 63-138, except Construction. DoDI 5000.72 requires COs to designate a COR for Construction contracts, unless the contracting officer retains and executes contract oversight responsibilities when the conditions of DFARS 201.602-2 exist.

1.0 Contracting Officer Roles and Responsibilities

1.1 As part of the acquisition planning process, the CO must determine the nature of the work/requirement (Type A, B, or C) as specified in DoDI 5000.72, DoD Standard for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Certification.

1.2 If the requiring activity has not yet initiated a COR nomination, the CO must initiate the Request for COR Support to notify the requiring activity of the need for COR(s) support and to prompt requiring activity nomination of a qualified COR via the Joint Appointment Module (JAM) (formerly CORT Tool) in Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE).
1.2.1 The Request for COR Support memorandum initiated by the CO should be routed through requiring activity (e.g., COR Supervisor, Functional Commander/Director (FC/FD)). See Enclosure 5 of DoDI 5000.72, Qualification Requirements for CORs and Enclosure 6 of DoDI 5000.72, Examples of COR Responsibilities and COR Certification Requirements. The COR must file the CO’s Request for COR Support memorandum (if used) in the “COR Online File.”

1.2.2 The CO must provide contract specific training (see paragraph 1.3.7). COR management is responsible for ensuring that any COR performing under a waiver pursuant to sections 1701-1764 of Title 10, United States Code completes all required training. New entrant and required DoD Component provided ethics and combating trafficking in persons (CTIP) training may not be waived.

1.2.3 The CO shall perform, with participation of the COR and COR supervisor, a yearly administrative review of the COR's online file during the anniversary month of appointment, or more often, at the discretion of the CO.  The CO shall upload the COR File Annual Checklist to the Surveillance and Performance Monitoring (SPM) (Formerly CORT Tool) in PIEE comprised of the minimum requirements of DFARS PGI 201.602-2(d)(vi), and contract and COR-related documents necessary for the effective discharge of COR duties and responsibilities.  The Checklist (available in SPM) shall guide the COR in populating the online COR File, and serve as the basis for the CO to judge the accuracy and completeness of the COR file during each review.      

1.2.4 Upon completion of each CO review of the online COR File, the CO shall document the results on the COR File Annual Checklist, and upload each Checklist review to the SPM.

1.2.5 The COR Designation from the CO must also:

(a) Designate the COR (if required) as an Assessing Official Representation (AOR) supporting the CPAR process;

(b) Stipulate that the COR will be required to have access to the Synchronized Pre-Deployment & Operation Tracker (SPOT) (if required due to overseas deployment support); and

(c) Stipulate whether the COR will require access to the Enterprise-wide Contract Manpower Reporting Application (eCMRA).

1.2.6 Notification of COR designation should be provided to the QAPC.

1.2.7. Distribution of the fully executed COR designation must be made to the COR, COR Supervisor, Contractor and Property administrator. In addition, notification must be sent to the local Judge Advocate General office or Office of General Counsel immediately upon the appointment of a COR designated as an OGE Form 450 filer, and annually by January 1st , a list of all CORs required to file OGE Forms 450.

1.2.8 In addition to the matters listed in AFFARS 5301.602-2(c). contracting officers should obtain legal review for the following:

(a) Procurement integrity issues, Organizational conflict of interest issues, matters related to defective pricing, advance or pre-contract cost agreements, and undefinitized contract actions and change orders (initial issuance and definitization).

1.3 CO, Contract Specialist, or QAPC Led Training. The CO must ensure contract-specific training is scheduled and provided to the prospective COR, unless waived (see 1.2.2). The training may be conducted by the CO, Contracting Specialist, or QAPC, and must consist of the following at a minimum prior to contract award:

1.3.1 Duties/responsibilities to be delegated;

1.3.2 Importance of COR performance;

1.3.3 Personal conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interest;

1.3.4 Unauthorized commitments;

1.3.5 Ethics/integrity in relationships with the CO, COR management (e.g., COR Supervisor, Services Designated Official (SDO), Functional Commander/ Directors (FC/FD)), and the contractor;

1.3.6 Discussion of the Seven Steps to the Services Acquisition Process.

1.3.7 Contract-specific training consisting as a minimum of the following: A discussion of the contract (SOW, PWS, Specifications, etc.), and surveillance plan/QASP; An awareness of any areas in the contract susceptible to fraud, waste, and abuse; Creation, maintenance, and submission of all surveillance documentation and contractor performance assessment information required by the contract and applicable regulations; How the COR can stay abreast of contract modifications; How the COR can monitor contract fund status; and, Joint CO and COR review of the “COR File Annual Checklist” to ensure mutual understanding of the level/quality of surveillance and documentation must be maintained in the on-line SPM file.

1.3.8 Refer to the Suggested Contract-Specific Training Syllabus template for conducting contract-specific training. The template may be tailored to fit your acquisition.

COR Performance and Appraisal
1.4 At a minimum, the CO and COR supervisor must review the COR’s reports, files, and other documentation for completeness/accomplishment, on an annual basis.

1.5 The CO must provide an annual assessment, as a minimum, on the COR’s performance to the COR supervisor. The assessment may be performed concurrently with the administrative review of the COR online file detailed in 1.2.3.

1.6 The COR must complete and upload reports to the SPM, as required, to enable the CO to review and approve/ reject reports in the SPM.

1.7 When the CO terminates the COR’s duties (see Termination of COR Designation), a new COR can be nominated prior to terminating the former COR. The requiring activity must nominate a COR replacement via the JAM to ensure continuous contract monitoring by a qualified individual. Copies of the designation for the successor COR will have the same distribution requirements as the COR letter of designation.

1.8 When the requiring activity requests termination of COR designation, the CO must terminate the COR designation in writing (use of the “Smart Form” in the JAM is authorized). Include the signed Termination of COR Designation in the official contract file.

1.9 The CO must forward a copy of the fully executed Termination of COR Designation to the COR, COR Supervisor, Contractor, and as applicable, to the contract administration office(r).

2.0 COR Roles and Responsibilities

2.1  Register for JAM and SPM access through the PIEE e-Business Suite at, and complete training to effectively perform duties in the SPM.  Training includes a review the JAM and SPM Users Guide and FAQs, and if necessary, a request for additional training from a local Department Administrator (DA).

2.2 Provide information necessary to assess whether any actual or potential personal conflicts of interest with performing the responsibilities to be designated exist. Conflicts of interest determination will be reviewed again prior to contract award.

2.3 Participate, as requested, in annual CPAR procedures and contract close-out.

2.4 Remain abreast of changes to terms and conditions of the contract resulting from contract modifications.

2.5 Perform only those duties/responsibilities delegated by the CO in the COR Designation.

2.6 CORs may be designated as the Assessing Official’s Representative (AOR) by the CO in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) IAW the CPARS Guide.  If designated as an AOR, the COR would be responsible for providing a timely, accurate, quality, and complete narrative for a report on the contractor's performance. If the CO requires the COR to have access to the contractor performance assessment reporting system (CPARS), the synchronized pre-deployment and operational tracker (SPOT) or the enterprise contractor manpower reporting application (eCMRA), an account would be authorized and granted after COR designation.

3.0 COR Supervisor

3.1 Register for SPM access via the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) e-Business Suite at, and then complete training to effectively perform duties in the SPM.  Training includes a review of the JAM and SPM Tool Users Guide and FAQs, and if necessary, a request for additional training from a local DA.

3.2 Review and approve (certify) or reject COR nominations in the JAM, when submitted by an assigned COR in the JAM and notified by a system-generated email that a nomination is “Awaiting Approval”.

3.3 The COR Supervisor shall ensure that the COR completes and uploads COR Reports to SPM, as required, to enable the CO to review and approve/ reject reports in the SPM.

3.4  Conduct regular reviews of COR inputs into SPM, and follow-up as necessary, on the content, timeliness, and completeness of COR Reports, online files, and other COR-related documentation.

3.5 If a Chief-Contracting Officer’s Representative (C-COR) is appointed for a service contract pursuant to AFI 63-138, Acquisition of Services, Chapter 2, the C-COR must maintain the sole online COR file in SPM for the contract. When a CO appoints a C-COR and CORs on the same contract, the relationship shall be annotated on the COR Designation.

4.0 OGE 450 Determination and Processing

4.1 A COR must file an OGE 450 if determined to meet the criteria for filing a Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 450) as set forth in section 2634.904 of Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations, and section 7-300 of DoD 5500.07-R.

4.1.1 A COR need not be designated as an OGE 450 filer, IAW section 2634.904 of Title 5, if all of the following apply:

(a) The COR will NOT participate personally and substantially in any contracting process,

(b) The COR will NOT exercise substantial discretion, through interactions, decisions, or reports, that will influence the contractor’s activities and result in a substantial economic effect on the contractor’s interests,

(c) The COR’s work and judgment WILL BE subject to “substantial supervision and review” by the CO & COR Supervisor, with final authority deferred to the CO for contractor direction and contract-related matters, and

(d) The COR’s actions will NOT cause any conflict of interest (real or apparent) between the interests of the COR and the government and/or the contractor

4.2 The COR must submit the completed OGE 450 directly to his or her supervisor and provide the information contained on the OGE 450 to the CO for review prior to submission to the local legal office by the required date.

5.0 Quality Assurance Program Coordinator (QAPC)

5.1 Train CORs and COR management [e.g., COR Supervisor, SDO, Functional Commanders/Directors (FC/FD)] on the contracting requirements associated with the quality assurance program and any MAJCOM/DRU/AFRCO/SMC procedures prior to contract award. See paragraph 1.5 herein.

5.2 Assist the CO in providing contract-specific training (to include refresher training) to the COR (Reference paragraph 1.3 above) and ensuring required training is accomplished in accordance with DoDI 5000.72, DoD Standard for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Certification, 26 Mar 15.

5.3 Monitor the inputs and use of SPM for the assigned organization.   This requires registration, training, and designation as a local JAM/SPM DA or Manager Role by all QAPCs.   DAs/Managers provide functional, not technical support, and provide for the continued deployment of JAM and SPM for new users and for the support of existing users in the local organization, by performing three categories of duties:


(a) Advise or assist new users with initial JAM/SPM registration, or existing users with registration and profile updates, through the PIEE e-Business Suite platform;

(b) Activate new roles (if designated as a DA) and added roles (only if a DA) after verifying proper completion of the automated DD2875; and,

(c) Conduct JAM SPM training or provide training resources to users.


(a) Advise and assist on the functions & features of JAM/SPM;

(b) Use Administrator or Manager privileges to research, troubleshoot, and advise on reported functional issues;

(c) Refer users to the PIEE Helpdesk, when a reported issue involves accounts, errors, or technical support;

(d)  Monitor records of all COR nominations, designations, and terminations of designations, to include COR’s acknowledgement of their duties, by contract number and CO’s name;

(e)  Monitor records of all COR and COR management training, including refresher training regardless of provider (e.g., QAPC, CO, contract specialist, contract administrator, Defense Acquisition University, or commercial training provider)

6.0 Memorandum Templates and Contract Training Syllabus

Request for COR Support

Suggested Contract-Specific Training Syllabus